From the very first moment, when I met Micheal I knew that this destination wedding in Madrid would be something very special. Maybe some of my spanish visitors are wondering why am I writting this entry in english instead of the usual spanish which you would find in the rest of my site… Well, more than half of the guests of this wedding where Irish, and english. Also, if I count all the times I spent talking in my two-years-old english level, I’m sure I talk a lot more english than spanish, so… Here we go!

I have to tell you a bit about me so you can better understand how important was this wedding to me. Some years ago my own brother get married in Spain, in a very similiar ceremony that of Sinead & Micheal. Very few guests, many of them from another countries, civil ceremony, and so on… In that ocassion I had the honour to act as Best Man for my brother (I love you bro’), so I couldn’t be the photographer. I cannot keep away from my mind the fact that how could have been the photos I would have taken from that day. It has been like travel away in time to photograph my brother, I’m really happy with the results and with this wonderful couple and their sons and family who treat on my like a member of their lovely family.

It was a wonderful day, full of laughs… Specially when the judge call the newlyweds Michael & Sidney. I was smiling just because one of the first things I ask Micheal was how to spell correctly his name and Sinead’s name. And also was a day full of happiness tears, with emotive speeches. I hope my photos made you as least as happy as I was in your wedding.

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